Been to Pailin last week with my family to check the area and also Memoria Palace Resort to see if I can develope a tour in and around Pailin or put it into the 7-day Around Cambodia tour in combination with Battambang.
The landscape is stunning, green hills and mountains everywhere. Nice waterfalls and rivers. Busy markets and Phnom Yat, an uphill pagoda, in Pailin itself.

edvpcpail2014-1 edvpcpail2014-2

One of the activities is gem stone mining and sure I went for it although the season starts just after the rainy season in October. For sure it’s something different and photogenic as the locals are lined-up with their plates and baskets digging for gem stones in the rivers. I will let you know in a couple of months if it will work as a tour…


In the meantime we stayed at Memoria Palace Resort in the hills close to Pailin. The place is wonderful, spacy and not expensive. Although we had our own eco-lodge (see picture) we had an inspection of all fully equipped rooms and bungalows while the kids were swimming in the saltwater swimming pool.


The resort is located 20 minutes from the border of Thailand and so… easy to access from Bangkok. We also checked out the border crossing and I can tell you that this is a quiet one compared to the hectic one of Poipet and all its scams…

Check out Memoria Palace Resort here…


The Ultimate Siem Reap Experience

New! A 3-day photo tour and workshops in and around Siem Reap. It’s a Master Class one.


One of my clients showing the portraits to the monk


3-days master class in and around Siem Reap with Eric de Vries.

First day visiting the temples of Angkor with an arranged photoshoot with monks.
Included sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, The Bayon and more… (portraits/still life)

Second day a ride out of town to the countryside and a boat trip to one of the
unspoiled floating villages close to the lake. Go back in time and meet the
lovely locals. (portraits/street photography)

On the third day we’re heading out to Ta Prohm temple site followed by a street
photography session. After lunch we will have an editing workshop at Eric’s
new gallery. (still life/street photography)

Like all my tours and workshops the 3-day Master Class is also private. No team-up of participants.



Harvest Time

The rainy season is here. Harvest time in Siem Reap’s countryside.


Here are some more pictures from the different photo tours in the countryside in July.

edvpccountr2014-2 edvpccountr2014-5

edvpccountr2014-3 edvpccountr2014-4



Tripadvisor Review

Great review this week on Tripadvisor…
Thanks Adrian. Had a great time with you…


 “Transformational Experience with Photo Cambodia Day Tours”

I’ve been a keen photographer for a few years now, but Eric de Vries breathed new life into my photography and has set me on a different track than I was on.

Last week, I did the one day Angkor Wat & Monk shoot, with a second day around the Siem Reap area visiting local villages, markets, wats and a floating village at Tonle Sap.

Eric is a straightforward, practical photographer who focuses on the basics. I realised this after I met him at my hotel, with my daughter and I each carrying camera bag with body, three lenses, filters, tripod, flash, etc, etc., plus another back pack with essential stuff, and Eric with only a small shoulder bag I later realised contained a Nikon D3300 (on trial for his clients’ use). First valuable lesson was I didn’t need to carry all that stuff in order to take great pictures. Camera and spare battery are all that’s required. Even for the sun rise shot at Angkor Wat.

Eric’s passion for use of natural light, good background and creative angles was a real lesson for me that I won’t forget. I think the key lesson for me has been how to simplify my photography at the same time as improving my results.

If you value the arts of use of natural lighting, creative composition and getting great images straight out of your camera, then Eric is the guy you need to see.
Visited July 2014

Nikon D3300

I’ve been testing the brand new Nikon 3300 with 18-55mm last 2 weeks which I purchaised especially for clients who don’t have a DSLR. Although most of my clients join my tours and workshops with ‘heavy’ equipment, some never worked with a DSLR before. So that’s how the new camera, an entry-level one, comes in as an extra service I provide. It has been used already by clients from Australia last week and were happy with the shots and the settings.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 7.14.16 PM

The quality of the images are great, the camera is easy to use and its autofocus is fast. OK… to be honest.. not as brilliant as the Nikon D700 or Fujifilm X-Pro1 I normally shoot with but then again, it’s an entry-level DSLR camera…

FYI… I don’t run tours and workshops for clients with iPhones, iPads (or similar) or point-and-shoot cameras.
By the way.. This service of using the Nikon D3300 is free, just let me know.

Here are some TEST SHOTS taken during the last couple of Angkor Temples Photo Tours and Workshops.

edvpcangk2014test-1 edvpcangk2014test-2

edvpcangk2014test-3 edvpcangk2014test-4

edvpcangk2014test-7 edvpcangk2014test-6 edvpcangk2014test-8



Phnom Penh Workshops

The month started with a 3-day workshop in Phnom Penh with lovely people from the US. A 3-day program on street photography and Phnom Penh highlights and Oudong and Silk Island included.
We’ve been visiting places where normally tourists don’t go and I tell you… my clients really liked that.
Here’s a selection of images from the 3-day tour and workshop in B/W…


edvpcpp2014-1  edvpcpp2014-2  edvpcpp2014-3

edvpcpp2014-4  edvpcpp2014-5  edvpcpp2014-6

edvpcpp2014-7  edvpcpp2014-8  edvpcpp2014-9