The Wall

Gonna change one of the walls in my gallery soon and will put on these 8 of 12 monochrome photographs. The ones which will be taken off I will put in a special cataloque…



Again… lovely clients came to my gallery the other day and this couple bought 4 photographs for their collection. Here are 2 of them both sized 55x25cm



A post on me…

One of my clients did a post on her blog about her day with Photo Cambodia.

“Sorry it took me soooo long for this post to come along. There’s still a lot of backlog but I promise to keep updating in the coming weeks before my upcoming adventures again! So here goes… Do note this post will be one filled with many photos so the loading may take some time, please be patient.
Angkor Wat! I remember it being one of my top to-go places ever since I saw amazing photographs of the beautiful temples and structures from a colleague who visited (donkey years ago haha). When I finally planned for the trip to Siem Reap last year, I wanted to make it a memorable one with a lot of nice photographs. However, since I was (still am) very much in the learning stage on photography, I decided to sign up for a photography tour with an expert who will be able to teach and show me the ropes.
After much research on the internet and comparison of prices, I got in touch with Eric d Vries from Photo Cambodia, a foreigner (Dutch if I remember correctly) who married a local girl and settled down in Cambodia for many years now. (Hint hint: he knows the place inside out!)”
Read more here…

Thanks, Dariel

Shots from the temples

This week’s selection of shots of temple tours to Angkor
and the remote temple of Beng Melea… including a new
spot for our photo shoot with monks…
Tomorrow off to Preah Vihear and Koh Ker for a 2-days trip
with my clients from London. Expect photos of that tour
on this blog soon…

EDV8521 EDV8563

EDV8711 EDV9192

EDV9076 EDV8666

EDV9204 EDV9342

Returning clients

Returning clients. I have them. In fact I have them a lot.
While on tour or workshop in the past with me, they return to Cambodia for new adventures and new places to photograph.
Spending more time to explore…
In October a client from the US will join me for some street photography sessions in Sisophon and a trip to the temples of Banteay Chmar. And it will be his 5th tour with me…

Alternative Countryside Tour

After going to Beng Melea this week we took our clients
to Svay Leu village for some street photography session.
Lovely people who were surprised that ’tourists’ would stop
at their market…


EDV9372 EDV9410

EDV9388 EDV9426

EDV9359 EDV9433
In the afternoon we went to Kompong Kleang, a village on
stilts. Also no water here but it will change the next coming
months halfway the rainy season…

EDV6245 EDV9465

EDV9468 EDV9479

EDV9499 EDV6252