Shots from the temples

This week’s selection of shots of temple tours to Angkor
and the remote temple of Beng Melea… including a new
spot for our photo shoot with monks…
Tomorrow off to Preah Vihear and Koh Ker for a 2-days trip
with my clients from London. Expect photos of that tour
on this blog soon…

EDV8521 EDV8563

EDV8711 EDV9192

EDV9076 EDV8666

EDV9204 EDV9342

Returning clients

Returning clients. I have them. In fact I have them a lot.
While on tour or workshop in the past with me, they return to Cambodia for new adventures and new places to photograph.
Spending more time to explore…
In October a client from the US will join me for some street photography sessions in Sisophon and a trip to the temples of Banteay Chmar. And it will be his 5th tour with me…

Alternative Countryside Tour

After going to Beng Melea this week we took our clients
to Svay Leu village for some street photography session.
Lovely people who were surprised that ’tourists’ would stop
at their market…


EDV9372 EDV9410

EDV9388 EDV9426

EDV9359 EDV9433
In the afternoon we went to Kompong Kleang, a village on
stilts. Also no water here but it will change the next coming
months halfway the rainy season…

EDV6245 EDV9465

EDV9468 EDV9479

EDV9499 EDV6252

Very popular

Very popular at the moment is my ULTIMATE SIEM REAP EXPERIENCE.
A 3-days tour/workshop in and around Siem Reap.
Here’s some more information…

The Ultimate Siem Reap Experience

a 3-days photo experience in and around Siem Reap with Eric d Vries.
First day visiting the temples of Angkor with an arranged photoshoot with monks. Included sunrise at Angkor, Preah Khan, The Bayon and more… (portraits/still life)
Second day a ride out of town to the countryside and a boat trip to one of the unspoiled floating villages close to the lake. Go back in time and meet the lovely locals. (portraits/street photography)
On the third day we’re heading out to Ta Prohm temple site followed Angkor Wat inside.
After lunch we will visit a small community along the Siem Reap river, the big market and Wat Bo pagoda (still life/street photography.

The best tuk tuk driver in Battambang

Meet Nicky, the best tuk tuk driver in Battambang. He knows
the good spots and it’s always a pleasure to work with him
while in Battambang. Did I mention you also can book him
for your tours in and around the place?
Nicky is on Facebook: Nicky Tuk Tuk Battambang


Again Battambang

Decided to drive to Battambang again to work on some
portraits and visit new areas. These 2 will definitely make
it into in the book I’m working on right now…

edvmonkbattnewprort01sm  edvmonkbattnewprort02sm

Prasat Sanlong

Visiting Sanlong village and its pagoda on our way to
Beng Melea temple site. The pagoda has 2 ancient
stand alone towers from the pre-Angkor era but not
that interesting to photograph… The young monks were…


EDV6211 EDV9464